Life on my boat is good. That is until Cam gets me in trouble. I try to make him laugh to pick up his spirits. He thinks I don't understand when he says I'm a weird dog, but I do. It makes me smile.

I'll be dropping you a note once in a while to let you know how our latest adventure is going. Right now we're in a heck of a tight spot. Jack is suspected of murdering the men from his team in Afghanistan. Cam is tied up in Key West trying to protect an old friend who might or might not be a little shady. I think she is. He tries to act like he doesn't know she's hot. I'm by his side watching over him, though. I'll probably get shot at again. 

I'll give you some more info when I can figure things out. Right now, I'm going to take a nap and then see if I can find the donut I saw Cam bring in earlier.

Until next time, Fins Up