Bloodshot is here. Book 2 in the Cam Derringer series.

BookCoverImageCam Derringer, Key Wests most intriguing Private Investigator, finds himself in New York City and in the center of an assassin’s plot which creates havoc for Cam and his closest friends.
Is Bloodshot just a crazy game inspired by a couple of bored millionaires? It seemed that way until the shots became more deadly.
Cam tries to fight his way through a battle of wits with the assassin known as Bloodshot only to find that his path has been blocked by beautiful women and too many loose ends.
When Cam realizes that Robin Anderson–his lover and FBI agent– might be the next target, he steps up his game.
With a new suspect at every turn, this fast-paced thriller leads Cam down a path of destruction, where he has to choose between reality and romanticism and ultimately between life and death.



Good books come from good songs


Good books come from good songs.


Author Mac Fortner has been writing songs most of his life. What are they? They’re short stories. Making novels from songs seems to be the logical move.

“It works,” he says. “The story is already there.”

His first book–Rum City Bar– takes a young man from the mid-west to Nashville to be a star. The action moves from Nashville to the Florida Keys and then onto the fictional island of Rumora. It’s full of action and humor. The lyrics–“Sittin’ in Rum City Bar-Playin’ my old guitar– inspired the book.

Mac has already written and released the sequel– Battle For Rumora,” also inspired from a song.

The kicker is, he not only writes the story, but he adds some of his lyrics to the pages.

His most popular book–Knee Deep–has the sequel–Bloodshot–coming out soon.

You can read these books FREE on kindle unlimited. Don’t have it? Follow this link to his Amazon page. It will display his books and show you how to join Amazon Prime.



Rainy Day

Today was a cold, rainy day in Evansville, In. So what to do. Take advantage. Make another pot of coffee open your computer and start writing. I finally got over the little writers block I had because I knew there was nothing else to do. No distractions. My fishing pole is neatly tucked away in it’s holder; my Harley is parked in the garage and my Kayak is going nowhere. I’m a free man, so write.

It isn’t easy to sit at a computer all day when there is so much to do, but today I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain again. Can’t wait.