Authors—Songwriters—Are the same?


Hello Friends

Welcome to my new blog site (still building) where you can leave comments and helpful tips for other Authors and Songwriters.

I started writing songs as a young man and still enjoy it. You can’t beat music to brighten your day. I realized that all my songs were really short stories. I decided to write a novel using the stories from my songs. It worked!! It was actually fun. Now I enjoy writing books as much as I do songs, maybe even more.

It could work either way. Book before Song—-Song before Book. Anyone else try this?

You can check out– Rum City Bar– my first book from a song at

5 thoughts on “Authors—Songwriters—Are the same?

  1. Mac, I just finished reading Rum City Bar – I LOVED IT; could not put it down! The way you write allowed me to visualize all of the people and places. I can’t wait to visit Rumora! Please let me know when you finish your next book. I would like to hear some of your songs too.

    Got to go I hear a glass of rum calling my name.

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