Authors—Songwriters—Are the same?


Hello Friends

Welcome to my new blog site (still building) where you can leave comments and helpful tips for other Authors and Songwriters.

I started writing songs as a young man and still enjoy it. You can’t beat music to brighten your day. I realized that all my songs were really short stories. I decided to write a novel using the stories from my songs. It worked!! It was actually fun. Now I enjoy writing books as much as I do songs, maybe even more.

It could work either way. Book before Song—-Song before Book. Anyone else try this?

You can check out– Rum City Bar– my first book from a song at

Author: Mac

I've been writing songs since I was in high school. Realizing finally, they were just short stories set to music, I decided to turn those stories into books. It worked. Now I write novels, but I haven't given up on song writing either. I love music and books, so I feel as if I have the best of both worlds.

5 thoughts on “Authors—Songwriters—Are the same?”

  1. Mac, I just finished reading Rum City Bar – I LOVED IT; could not put it down! The way you write allowed me to visualize all of the people and places. I can’t wait to visit Rumora! Please let me know when you finish your next book. I would like to hear some of your songs too.

    Got to go I hear a glass of rum calling my name.

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    1. Thanks Andrea. I am working on Rum City Bar again. it had some errors. The next book Rumora is finished and at the editors. Please leave a review at Amazon. Thank you.


    2. Just checked your address. Didn’t know who you were at first. How are you. Another book is out now “Knee Deep” if you’re interested. Hope all is well.


    3. Hi Andrea, Just a note to let you know book two from Sunny Ray series is here. Battle for Rumora. Hope you like it as well. Also Knee Deep is out. Hope all is well. Mac


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